Saturday, November 5, 2011

These photos were taken Halloween weekend. The top one is Jeremy and Ira at Burns Park and the other two are of Ira doing some early trick or treating at Nanna Phyllis' house :)

What a day this has been! Grandma, Ira and I went to my new nephew's Meet and Greet (after a couple of weeks of him being at ACH in the NICU). Ira had SO much fun playing outside on cousin Maggie's playhouse and swing set. I MUST get him some of these things. He loves them so much!!!!

Our plans were to:
1. come home afterward and feed him a late lunch and down for a nap
2. go to Phyllis' big Fall Event in Bryant with Ira and Haley
Ira was SO overtired he would not lay down and was walking around like he was dizzy (so sleepy). He ended up slipping on the floor and face planting on our wood floor so then I HAD to keep him up for a while to make sure there wasn't any concussion or bad things going on. So, I walked outside while Jeremy had Ira and an ice bag, called Phyllis, had a meltdown about how much I was sorry we couldn't come and once Ira was able to go to sleep, I crashed like I had been up for 24 hours straight.

Highlight of the day was that while the Razorbacks were playing and Jeremy was listening for Ira, my baby girl and I got to go eat some yogurt at Three Flamingos and just "talk" - so, so, nice. In fact, I loved it. It made the day so much better. I missed out on Phyllis' amazing food and fun, but I did get some quality time with my girl and that was worth it.

On a personal note, I'm reacquainting myself with someone who hasn't been in my life in a long time. Taking it day by day - but am happy about it.

Platform time: Why do Stay at home Moms NOT get a W-2 at the end of the year??? This is hard and SUCH important work. Attention Michelle Obama!! Love what you are doing in other about this? I'm not a creative person at all, a hermit at heart and so it is a challenge.

Little news for folks: Jeremy and I are slowly starting a nonprofit. It is "Veterans United Against Hunger". I've registered us a Facebook and Twitter account already, working on a URL and a logo. Then I can file for IRS 501c3 status and trademark protection. This will be a slow start as we are really busy right now but we are finally moving on some thoughts we have had for a long time. Stay posted.

Getting ready for Haley's 19th Birthday ON Thanksgiving this year - will fly back in from South Africa just in time. (doing a little shopping already....yes, Haley, if you are reading this...)

Haley is doing so well at her job. One of the parents call her the "baby whisperer" at CAC's Potter's Clay Daycare. This is such a God thing for her to be there. In some many ways.......

All who reads this: please pray for me for my South Africa trip. Some new and exciting things going on and I need to be on top of my game. (and not sick from plane food - :( ).

Love to all~