Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear precious, baby Ira~
Your mommy, papa and sister love you so much already. We haven't met you, we don't know how much you weigh or what color your eyes are, but we love you. We haven't touched your toes and fingers or squeezed your cheeks or just gazed into your beautiful face, but we love you. We love you now as you are alive in our hearts. You are as much a part of my daily life as you could be without getting your diaper changed :) mommy joke, honey.

We know that God is preparing you in the womb somewhere just for us and we thank God daily for that. We have faith in you, Ira.

Mommy and Papa reserved a condo on a beach this summer before your sister goes back to school. It will be your first beach trip of many that you will have in your beautiful life.

Your aunt Gili is painting some things for your room right now so it should be finally finished any day; we just have to hang 3 things and then we are done.

Our bags are packed in the corner of my bedroom to come get you. It will only take moments to load the car and head out so please know we will not waste any time in coming to you to hold you, hug you, snuggle with you, smooch on you and spend hours just gazing into your eyes.

You already are a member of a wonderful family - we just haven't met you yet~

Until we do, we love you~

Mommy, Papa and Sister