Saturday, April 30, 2011

Haley's Senior Prom- April 29, 2011

She looked beautiful - like a Barbie doll! Haley has such a keen sense of picking out gowns and hairstyles that will look fantastic on her plus compliment each other. She knows what she is looking for and doesn't settle until she finds it. Job well done, this year! After going to every gown store in a 50 mile radius, we resorted to looking online and ended up talking to the designer on the phone to make sure her size would work without too much tailoring and that it would arrive in time.
She picked Peyton Place Salon for her hair as their reputation for special events styling is becoming well known. They also did her makeup. I think she could have done her makeup almost as well but with all of her BRAND NEW MAKEUP from Sephora being stolen a few weeks ago, we went with this option.
She picked an upper arm bracelet corsage (a little Eyptian style) prepared by one of the girls at Tipton Hurst. They did a beautiful job. They had a photo of her dress so they did well by not overloading it with "bling" to take away from the dress.
The only downside of the night was that her and her boyfriend both were suffering from either a really bad cold or allergies. Hard to tell in the photos but she was really not feeling well at all. Thank goodness for Allegra to get her through the night, but they both skipped the post prom and came home to watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas". My little girl......
I LOVED that she wanted us at the Capitol for family photos. I LOVE the photos she took with Ira even though he was so sleepy he could barely keep his eyes open. He loves her so much - she walks in the room and you can see his eyes and smile just light up! I'm afraid all girls for him will be compared to her in his mind........:)
Loved being joined the entire day by Hana Dugger who helped Haley in every step of this "getting ready" process including toting around bags, cameras and video cameras with me. True Friend!!!!!
I also loved having family and friends who love Haley at the Grand March (video attached). Grandma Betty, Nanna Phyllis, Maddie, Claire and Dennis and Mark. Jeremy and I appreciated them being there in the craziness of the crowd to support her in her big moment.
But mostly, I thank God for bringing her home safely last night. When she woke me up to say they were home, my heart did a little jump-for-joy as I knew God had watched over them from the crazy drunk drivers that fill the streets on every Prom night.
Now, we will spend the weekend getting her feeling better and getting geared up for 6am Monday at Children's Hospital with Ira. Mixed emotions about his surgery but my prayers keep leading me to this being the right decision and he will feel so much better afterward. Still so hard.
I continue to praise His name for all our blessings - every day.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Night before Haley's Senior High School Prom

What a weekend this will be!

What a week this has been!

Storms, tornadoes, the aftermath of it all,
~ but then am reminded of all the good things when I see my beautiful daughter having her final fitting in her Senior Prom gown that is tomorrow.

I remember when Haley was Ira's age, wondering what she would be like when she grew up. I knew she would be beautiful (really, I could tell at that early age - no lie!), but would she want to be a teacher, or a nurse, or own a salon like her Nana? We never tried to push her down one avenue over another. For the last 5 years, she has said "I will be a stay at home mom and have 4 kids". Bam...Okay, great, fantastic - but you have to go to college anyway to make sure you always have a way to support those fantastic 4 little grandchildren of mine if you need to. :)
So, since the adoption process started, she has done a lot of thinking about social work and/or guidance counseling. I think she would be good at either. I'm not sure how she comes off to adults, but if there is a child in the room that is not being treated fairly, Haley (mind you, she's just a little over 5 foot tall, 110 pounds or so) will come off a table to make sure the situation is turned around quickly for the child...hence, her almost being kicked out of taking her ACT's one year. If that had happened, I would have been proud of her anyway. She's tougher than she looks. I'm not worried about her at all.

What will Ira grow up to be? Well, for now, a little munchkin who loves his pack, loves his toys and food and playing Superman. Can't believe he is almost 1?????
Hope he forgives us Monday for the ear surgery. I know in my heart it will make his life better!! And we are SO ready for the Mommy & Me swim classes!!
And the beach again this summer!!! Yay!!! He will enjoy it more this year.

So, as the Royal Wedding plays on, I help dress a senior for her last high school prom, have her hair and makeup fixed, photos, Grand March, Prom and Post Prom. She's my Royal Princess....always has been and always will be. She will meet and marry her Prince one day...but for now, she's still all mine. :)

Life with the Lasiters - always something going on, always busy and sometimes a little funny.
Love to all,
Angela, Jeremy, Haley and Ira

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ira's first Easter

What a great day it is today! We started out with a beautiful church service - the house was PACKED (and we went to our normal 9am service! can just imagine what the 10:45 was like). I pray that many people found Jesus Christ today and committed their lives to Him. Pastor Mark Evans taught an inspirational message and Ira got to see his favorite, Pastor Greg, on the way in the door. Since Pastor Greg did his baby dedication, he was a certain affection to him. I think Ira remembers him - I do!!!
We then spent a lunch with Jeremy's siblings and grandparents. His grandmother (our grandmother :) ) made a wonderful lunch. I told Ira he would get to eat some of Grandma's great Easter lunch next year!! This year, pureed sweet potatoes and fruit - but he enjoyed.

The big kids (ha!) played egg toss and egg "walk" of which my husband and daughter won the "walk" - she has her beauty queen/head straight ahead walk down pat!!! Ira and my niece, Magnolia, hugged around on each other, a few kisses, sharing of Ira's Easter eggs with organic rice puffs and blowing bubbles (what a timeless activity). Next year, we will have a new baby in the family (Jessica and John Paul are expecting in the fall) so the family is growing!!

I missed seeing my sister and my "other" sister Phyllis and kiddos but will see them soon.

Ira and his daddy are taking much needed naps right now, Haley is watching a documentary on shark attacks (oh, her and I are so addicted to documentaries now that we have gotten a Roku) and I am just sitting here so thankful that THIS year, our family is complete. Last year I wrote that we would have Ira this year for Easter - and God brought him all the way from Kenya JUST for us.

I wish a beautiful Easter to all my friends and family.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ira's first Easter

This weekend is Ira's first Easter. I am still in awe of how God worked out such a miracle for this family. So many little details that a year ago was frustruating me is NOW known to me as the process God was facilitating to make sure Ira was sent to us from Kenya. So much to be thankful for this weekend~

Haley is preparing for next Friday's Senior Prom. She is going to be stunning in her gown. Her graduation announcements have arrived and it is becoming "so real" to me. She is counting the all seniors....I'm thrilled for her because I know this is moving to a new chapter in her life.

Today is Jeremy's mothers birthday. She would have been 53 today - we miss her so much. I really can see her tossing Ira around and smiling her beautiful smile at him. I know she is looking down on us from Heaven, along with my mother and both of our Nanny's, and keeping an eye on things. :)

So, as I plan for Ira's first Easter, maybe Haley's last Easter while living at home, Haley's graduation and prom, Ira's first birthday and my 9th wedding anniversary, I thank God for all we have. Our life can get hectic and crazy, but it is all a wonderful gift.