Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trip to Florida - 2011 and end of summer

Our trip to Navarre Beach was a trip! Literally! Jeremy, Angela, Ira, Grandma and Grandpa loaded up in Uncle Larry's great suburban (thank goodness - had a DVD player!) and headed out. Great trip down there and first day was awesome.....then came the rain. Well, rather Tropical Storm and tornadoes. We didn't have a lot of time on the beach but great time together. We went to the Naval Air Museum (they have a kid play area and Ira LOVED it!!) and the smiles on Ira and Grandpa's face made the trip for me. Grandma and I hit the mall for as long as my "boot would walk" and the water would not blow us over. Lots of great Grandma cooking and Barney!!!

Times with these two special people can never be replaced. So happy to hear stories from Grandma and Grandpa that we may never have had heard.

A few weeks later - even better news!!! HALEY CAME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is working her TRUE first job at Potter's Clay Daycare in Sherwood and loves it. She is a natural. I'm so proud of her. Back to school in January - probably Pulaski Tech for a year or so, then UALR.

Ira is doing great. He's adding a few (well, couple) of food items to his menu. I love spending time with him and also letting him have play time a couple days a week with his friends at CDC (so I can catch up on laundry, mopping, vacuuming and having a long breakfast with Haley if possible at Panera Bread).

Jeremy is busy, busy, busy. We are throwing around ideas about starting the process to launch a small nonprofit engaging veterans to fight hunger in America. Long process, but so needed. It will have to be a 3rd job for him and lots of work from us, but we are looking at it. Prayers are guiding us.

Halloween is Monday. The little man will be SUPER Man this year :) (Daddy's year to choose).

My adorable nephew was born on October 11th. He had some issues and has been at ACH but will hopefully be discharged tomorrow. He is so beautiful. Gabriel Michael Vincent is a gorgeous baby and can't wait to hold him.

Keep our family in your prayers for healthy babies, kids, new ideas and safe travel to South Africa on 11/15.