Saturday, February 18, 2012


Oh, our bath time started out just like every other bath time this morning.  Just the two of us, getting the bath water *just* right, letting it start to fill up (I have a jacuzzi bath tub so it takes a while) and deciding it was more than time to trip Ira's nails and his weekly hair clipping.  I trimmed his nails, got the bath ring and placed it on the bathroom counter to clipper his hair. 

He was acting silly and so was I when I took the clipper out of the packaging.  As the guard on the clipper has NEVER been off (since I bought it), I didn't even think to check as I started down the middle of his hair - front to back.  But there was no guard.

WHAT JUST HAPPENED?  WHERE IS MY SON'S HAIR?  then....Jeremy is going to kill me. 

I had to do the best job I could, wiping away the tears at my mistake, while Ira was trying to rub his head.  Bless his heart.....okay, where is the horizon in this?

Well, after thinking about it all day, I have thought that since his baby hairline still showed and his baby/baby hair had not caught up with the rest, this COULD be a good time to let that all grow out together. 

Okay, it's kinda weak - but it is all I have. 

Thank goodness he is an adorable baby so he is handsome looking like Michael Jordan or Denzel Washington.  Thank goodness Jeremy took it basically in stride (after an initial reaction). 
Thank goodness we don't have any family pictures scheduled.  Thank goodness his hair seems to grow very fast.  And most of all, thank goodness my baby boy is having a blast rubbing his head!  That makes my shame and embarrassment a little easier. 

Will I cut his hair again?  No..........Oh, I'm sure I will.  As fast as it grows, I'm sure I'll have to. 
Will I ALWAYS make sure the guard is on?  You can bet you HAIR on it.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Angie's birthday (celebrated in Destin, FL)

Can you imagine a cuter Valentine?  We had a great time in Alabama and then Destin, Florida (which coincided with Mommy's 42nd birthday!).  While Daddy was in a conference in Alabama, Ira and Mommy shopped, went to a great zoo and played at every park we could find.  Of course, once we hit Destin it was all about the BEACH!  When we got home, a few days later we found out that Haley is having a little girl!!!!  The house is SO excited.  The next six months are going to fun, busy and rewarding.  God continues to bless us.  We hope you are being blessed as well.
All our love,  the Lasiter Pack