Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I just had an amazing conversation with the director of the adoption agency. I gasped for air when he said "after we do your Home Study, you could walk out of the hospital with YOUR baby within 1-6 months". I think that is the first time someone has said "YOUR baby" instead of "THE baby" and it was AWESOME! To think we could have Ira in our home by summer?? Praise God. Of course, Ira could be an "Ana"....:)

My spirit is glowing~

Monday, December 28, 2009

Last week of 2009 and I am more convinced than ever that 2010 will be THE year for us adopting. Spoke for about an hour today to a private adoption attorney and his success rate is he puts babies in new parents arm within 1 year 75% of the time (he's done over 800 adoptions in Arkansas)- those are statistics I really, really love. We still have to do a Home Study - that is a state thing - but if we go this route (and Jeremy is really pushing this way), we will not have to deal with international flights, governments, etc. A lot for us to think about in a short time - please keep us in your prayers.

Happy New Year to all~ we pray for our friends and family a beautiful 2010.

Jeremy, Angie and Haley

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Week of Christmas, 2009!
I really hoped to be able to send our application off before Christmas but read the *fine* print yesterday and realized it is THIS application that we must send a family photo with.....SO, Jessica is going to do us the pleasure of taking our family photo on Christmas day at Grandma's house (and then knowing me, I'll dash home, upload it to Wal-Mart and have it prepared to mail off December 26th). :)

I'm also looking for office space outside of the home for my work so we can convert the office into a nursery (even though Ira will sleep with us in a co-sleeper as long as he wants). This makes me wish we had finished out the upstairs space last year....

Thank you for all the love and support AND PRAYERS as we begin this journey. As Hillary Clinton said, "it takes a village".

Our family wishes you all a very beautiful and peaceful Christmas.
Love, Jeremy, Angie and Haley

Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday night, 11:06pm, and the massive amount of paperwork with essay questions have me praying for wisdom and the right words to come to my mind and heart. That, and also hoping that Jeremy, Phyllis and Brenna would put their true talent to good use and help me with editing. :) Angela B., if you are free, you would be of good use also......=)

Also wondering how close we will be next Christmas to holding Ira....and sharing a few Christmas with him~

Jeremy's home from Afghanistan!

We celebrated his homecoming by 8 days in Maui - :)
The other two "twinkles" in my eye - Claire Parrish and niece Magnolia Vincent~
Grandma and Grandpa Garrison (Jeremy's grandparents, Don and Betty Garrison)

More of Haley's birthday photos

Haley (at her 17th birthday party) and my God-daughter, Maddie Parrish.

First time to blog!

Our family can navigate Facebook, Amazon (finally!) and some others, but we have not been the family of "bloggers". However, as we start the journey to adopt Ira, I thought it would be nice to capture the weekly activities so all can see. We know the process is long and can be frustrating, so we also ask you to pray for us for patience and guidance as we start our journey. And you, as our friends and family, are starting this journey with us. You have all heard of us speak to about "Ira", our soon-to-be son, for years. We start, now, to find him and bring him home to our loving arms.

We also celebrate this holiday season as our beautiful daughter, Haley, ends her first semester as a junior at NLR. She's our angel and we are very proud of her.

Thank you for all who visit and we welcome any advice or scriptures you have to give.

The Lasiter Pack