Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ira's first trip to the beach

Ira's first trip to the beach!

How we got everything, plus us, in the car - I have no idea...but we did. :)

We had a great Labor Day week in Navarre Beach, Florida. Ira loved, loved, loved the water - even at 3 months old I think he will be a swimmer!

Can't wait until next summer!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where did the summer go? Oh, that's right~ we have a baby!!! :)
It is SO incredible to think that after all these years of talking about Ira, praying for Ira, shopping for Ira, planning for Ira......he is here! God is amazing beyond words. HE aligned all the pieces to work out perfectly.

I have been fortunate to be off work most of the summer. I've worked one day a week until today - my first day of being back full time. Very mixed emotions today.....

My princess, however, ended last week with a bang :( She fell down some stairs at school and broke her leg! I was in California when it happened but took her to the ER as soon as I returned on Saturday. {School, non-medical professionals told her they thought it was sprained so.....well, so much for always listening to adults..ha!} Bless her heart - starting her senior year with this. BUT, we have gotten to spend a lot of time together that I cherish. That's the bright side of a gloomy situation. I love my little girl...even if she is about to turn 18!

Fatherhood has brought out all the fantastic qualities in Jeremy. He is adorable to watch with Ira. Oh, I've waited so long for this!!

We are blessed with the most wonderful set of family and friends. Ira and Haley both are fortunate to have a true village :)