Saturday, August 25, 2012

Aubriana's arrival and Ira's 2nd Birthday!

Brother and sister "bumping fists"
BEST FRIEND in the world!

Ira enjoyed his 2nd birthday by having an indoor carnival (fighting over 100 degree heat, the "indoor" part was important). :)  He loved his cake topped by a hot air balloon (his favorite), cupcakes in a ferris wheel and just for Ira, Rice Crispies.  He was a little overwhelmed by all the family and friends but some extra time outside with De helped him alot. 

Mommy must learn to time his parties better with his naps.  LOL

July brought a wonderful addition to the family.  Aubriana Pearl was born July 10th and has stolen the hearts of all of us.  At 6 weeks now, she is just over 9 pounds, in the 90th percentile of length, 50th percentile of weight and is so beautiful.  It is like looking at Haley almost 20 years ago. 

Little Maggie (going on 4 years old, she is not that little anymore!) posing for her pic in the Muscle Man/Glamour Girl cut out :)

Handsome Gabriel!  We will be celebrating his 1st birthday in October. 

Kale and Alynn - the bestest of friends. 

Ira and his hero, Claire, opening up a present from my dad; his first fishing pole!!!

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